Technology can change the world

There, I've said it, there's no going back now. Stuck to the wall above my bed is this goal, a lofty goal, for sure, but it's better to aim high isn't it?  

I'm an IT architect with a talent for infrastructure and a passion for technology. Technology has presented us with an incredible opportunity. As the 'Internet of Things' becomes a reality we have the chance to create connections in finance, in health care, in manufacturing that we didn't know existed. This data will result in new efficiencies that can make an indelible impact on the lives of people the world over. 

As we enter this new age, the role of the architect will become increasingly important. An architect joins the dots, they create order in a world filled with chaos.

I'm on a mission to join the dots and in doing so change the world for the better; and I want to do it with you and your company.

I'm an Australian located in Amsterdam with a current Dutch work permit, so let's connect.